Intro to HTML 

1. Getting Started: Lesson 1- Elements, Attributes, & Page Structure

This short Lesson will give you a basic familiarity with the HTML language, and the chance to practice writing a few of the more important HTML elements.

  1. Complete this Tutorial from Mozilla, the publisher of the popular Firefox browser, covers the absolute basics of HTML. In this short lesson HTML elements and attributes are defined, as well as other important terms you may have heard, and where they fit into the language. It also covers how an HTML element is structured, how a typical HTML page is structured, and other important basic language features.(
    https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML/Introduction_to_HTML/Getting_started )

2. When you have completed all the steps of this Tutorial download and complete this Intro to HTM_get_started_worksheet. If you have trouble with any parts of this Worksheet review the Mozilla Tutorial.

At the conclusion of this lesson, you should understand what the HTML language looks like, how it works at a basic level, and be able to write a few elements and attributes.